Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

A new look for an enduring vision

Design Futures Symposium 2022

Design as an enzyme for progress

QCP Capital

Leading the change in cryptocurrency

Singapore Art Week 2022

Opening eyes to new ways of seeing


Generating 700 unique book covers with AI and machine learning

LASALLE School of Design Communication

Strategy and communications refresh for LASALLE SoDC

Moyem Medical Aesthetics

Paving the path to beautiful harmony

MORROW Architects + Planners

An identity for the architect of modern Singapore


A capsule collaboration to make new oldness


Capturing the ebb and flow of Bangkok’s youthful energy

DECK 2015—2018

A body of work for Southeast Asia's leading photographic arts centre

Gillman Barracks

Rebranding Singapore’s premier visual arts precinct

Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice

Rebranding the nation’s favourite dish

Jom Media

News that take a break


An immersive mashup over 7 days and 2 cities

Singapore Graphic Archives

Building a repository of Singapore’s visual culture

Beachbody Gear

Global campaigns for a performance apparel brand


Relaunching a homegrown brand back into the streetwear market

Wak Hai Cheng Bio: A Dialogue Between Architecture and History

A contemporary look at the craft of conservation

START at Gillman Barracks

Launching an affordable art fair for casual art enthusiasts

Art Central Hong Kong 2021

An art fair identity inspired by Hong Kong’s architecture of density

Suddenly Turning Visible

Tracing the explosion of art and architecture in SEA between 1968—1989

When Cooking was a Crime

Exploring underground cooking within the Singapore prison system

Streets of Hope

Uplifting the nation with the largest public showcase of local art

Between Love and Death: Diary of Nobuyoshi Araki

Tracing universal stories of love, death and sentiments

Garden Dreaming

An exhibtion identity exploring and challenging the Garden City of the future

DECK Journal of Photography

An bi-annual showcase of art photography in Asia

Club Berlin

Showcasing the history, sights and sounds of Berlin’s techno culture

Practice Theory