START at Gillman Barracks

Launching an affordable art fair for casual art enthusiasts


National Arts Council

Year 2019
  • Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Exhibition
  • Wayfinding
  • Motion

In 2019, Practice Theory worked with the National Arts Council to host START at Gillman Barracks, a 3-day art and lifestyle event showcasing contemporary art and design from Singapore and the region.

With the aim to introduce art collecting to the general public, curation was a critical part of the process. Together with NAC, we worked towards an accessible vision of art in everyday life. During the event, visitors were given a chance to see how the pieces would look in their homes, offices and even on themselves. They could also experience art through curated film screenings, as well as interact with the works on display through guided tours and workshops.

This vision for START was reflected in its typographic identity. Building upon its name, we explored the different ways in which someone could kickstart their collecting journey. Presented as a lexical system of ‘Discovering’, ‘Imagining’, ‘Watching’ and ‘Engaging’, the fair’s identity allowed for START’s many programmes and spaces to be thematically grouped into clear and approachable categories.

Alongside a palette of vibrant colours, we introduced the fair as a fresh and inviting experience. With its easy format and affordable prices, START proved to be the perfect entry-point into the art world for hesitant newcomers and the uninitiated public.

Practice Theory