Suddenly Turning Visible

Tracing the explosion of art and architecture in SEA between 1968—1989


National Gallery Singapore

Year 2019
  • Editorial
  • Print

Presented by the National Gallery Singapore, Suddenly Turning Visible brings to light the lesser-known connections between art, architecture and the role of institutions in the development of art in the Southeast Asia between 1968–1989.

Reflecting the rapid modernisation of the region during this period, the exhibition traces this story through three influential art institutions in Manila, Bangkok and Singapore, showcasing artworks from the period alongside archives, and newly commissioned and restaged works. Practice Theory was commissioned to produce the exhibition catalogue for the exhibition.

The layout and pace of the catalogue was designed to reflect the accelerated pace of urban development and the vibrancy of the art produced during this period, while the cover directly references the title of the exhibition.

Based on a phrase coined by Filipino artist and curator Raymundo Albano to describe the ambitious transformation of Manila’s urban and artistic landscape, the cover was designed with images of the key institutions that quite literally ‘turned visible’, appearing abruptly on top of the blind emboss text—much like how they burst vibrantly onto the scene 30 years ago.

Practice Theory