Streets of Hope

Uplifting the nation with the largest public showcase of local art


National Arts Council

Year 2020
  • Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Exhibition
  • Campaign
  • Motion

On 7 April 2020, Singapore entered a nationwide Circuit Breaker due to Covid–19.

During this period, we worked with the National Arts Council to invite over 360 local artists, designers, and photographers to submit original artworks that reflected upon the theme of hope amidst the current crisis. These artworks were then printed and installed on unused street banners and advertising spaces.

What started as a simple idea soon became the first and largest public presentation of local artworks in Singapore. The banners lined the streets of Singapore in time for the end of lockdown on 7 June, welcoming Singaporeans back and rallying the country with messages of hope conveyed through homegrown art.

We also designed the digital campaign that publicised the initiative, allowing artists to cross-post and promote their work. Presented as a simple lock-up, it served as a frame to showcase the artworks, and anchor the campaign in both physical and digital realms. The visual identity was visually characterised by a celebratory colour palette, and graphically anchored by Visuelle—a typeface designed by Singaporean typographer, Mark de Winne.

Practice Theory