Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

A new look for an enduring vision


Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

Year 2021—2022
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Motion

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is the government agency responsible for enhancing Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation and talent. Over a decade had passed since its last brand update, and with Brand SG’s launch, it was an opportune time for EDB to introduce a new look that reinforced what it stood for since 1961.

Beyond design considerations, our strategic aim was to forge a strong connection between EDB and Brand SG, impacting both internal stakeholders and the external public. This meant shaping how the world perceived Singapore, while communicating what matters within the nation’s largest statutory board.

What resulted after several discovery sessions with the brand team and executive committee was a brand mark that encapsulated EBD’s unyielding vision. Our concept was informed by Singapore’s position as a critical node and connector between businesses in Asia and the world. Expressed using three dots, with Singapore as a ‘little red dot’ in the middle, it reflects a nation at the centre of it all—overcoming challenges through Openness, Dialogue and Communication.

The three dots can also be interpreted in several ways. The ellipsis (…) represented the nation's capacity to listen and engage, while the colon (:) symbolised an open invitation for collaboration. The period (.) emphasised confidence and leadership in shaping economic development. Our choice for the updated blue hue was derived by blending the blue and grey colours of the precedent EDB logo. The new deeper shade conveyed professionalism, modernity and visual harmony with Brand SG's red.

Kept simple and versatile, these distinct elements allowed for a consistent design language to be implemented across multiple messaging and all brand assets. A unifying dot and contemporary colour, guided by legacy and inspired by Brand SG, effectively reflecting the transformation of Singapore’s economy.

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