QCP Capital

Leading the change in cryptocurrency


QCP Capital

Year 2021—2022
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital
  • Motion

PT collaborated with QCP Capital to craft its brand positioning and visual identity. 

QCP Capital is helmed as one of the largest cryptocurrency trading firms in the world, with a trading book of over USD 2 billion. The company catapulted from a four-man trading shop to a 70-strong team and became one of the most prominent voices in the global crypto space in just five years. As the firm progressed towards institutionalisation, the next step was to define the brand fundamentals to credibly communicate what it stood for. We discovered that the team was looking for a more purposeful, strategic brand direction that was as strong as its performance and reputation worldwide.

With its future plans and priorities in mind, we positioned the firm at ‘the centre of change’, drawing inspiration from the idea of a global thought leader—calm, composed and consistently credible in the eye of the storm. In this territory, QCP Capital’s steadfast presence in a hyper-volatile space established the firm at the core of the crypto ecosystem, serving as a changemaker and contact point between institutions, crypto companies and high-net-worth clients.

Expanded in our brand story and language, the possibilities of this ecosystem were distilled into the idea of a circle that was both inclusive and exclusive; inclusive to elevating the key operational components within, while exclusive to external parties and investors looking to enter.

Being at the centre of this circle intuitively became the focal point of our visual identity framework. The logomark is a letter ‘Q’, generated from the shape’s base form. The key brand elements were also derived from the circle to flexibly morph into other letters, permutations and icons to represent various aspects of the firm.

To add to this concept, we introduced nebulas and 3D textures as a visual interpretation of the dynamic climate of the markets. These flexible elements offered a gestural quality of the ever-changing winds and landscape, doubling up as symbols that embodied new frontiers and uncharted growth. Presented together, the identity system served to accentuate QCP Capital’s new position of being a key player and global leader in this growing industry.

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