Moyem Medical Aesthetics

Paving the path to beautiful harmony


Moyem Medical Aesthetics

Year 2021—2022
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Motion

PT collaborated with Moyem Medical Aesthetics in a rebranding exercise to crystallise a differentiated purpose, positioning and public perception in a saturated industry that was primed for change.

Conceived by Dr. Tan Wang Theng in 2017, Moyem was a culmination of her love for beauty and skin aesthetics and a decade-long experience in the field. Her operating philosophy was rooted in holistic choices and long-term solutions, healing from the source of the problems instead of superficial fixes. The main objective was for us to unify the clinic’s brand assets with a consistent image and narrative to stay true to its balanced treatment approach.

Our series of workshops with Dr. Tan and her team uncovered various competitive insights. We saw opportunities for the clinic to be design- and experience-led. Instead of the usual sterile clinic environment, the Moyem experience could be akin to a luxury spa. Thoughtful, thorough and hyper-personal, a sanctuary where beauty solutions are bespoke based on individual needs and preferences.

Guided by the clinic’s fundamental beliefs, we explored ways in which harmony served as the cornerstone of beauty and medical aesthetics. Beautiful Harmony was conceptualised as a brand narrative to communicate the balance between craft and technology, the sciences and the arts, and the golden mean of traditional skincare and invasive surgical procedures. This positioning paved exciting and poetic possibilities that reflected the brand’s beliefs, approach and efficacy.

We started the implementation process on a verbal level by crafting a manifesto around the philosophy of Beautiful Harmony. Standing for more than just another medical clinic, this narrative became the true north for the new brand assets and touchpoints. 

Visually, this brand essence was captured in a customised form of the letter O that was imbued into the logo. Inspired by the calming motifs in the cosmos, musical notes and meditative Zen practice of balancing stacked stones, this simple typography treatment offered a nuanced sense of peace, elegance and emotion across the brand’s visual identity.

PT also partnered with photographer, Hosanna Swee, to create a suite of complementary image assets that evoked a feeling of naturality and tenderness, adding to Moyem’s emphasis on beauty in harmony.

A sanctuary devoted to beauty in harmony.

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